How does the VPN-deal work?

We have crypto-prepaid VPN service from AzireVPN , you can top up when your one-year subscription runs out. If you wish we can also order longer period for a fee. AzireVPN is a premium service with strong privacy routines and protocols. Protocol used for VPN is Wireguard, latest and most likely to become standard in the future. Settings for the VPN is that it requires always on and block insecure connections. We strongly recommend that you don’t change this.

Can i trust your phones?

Very good question! Besides the fact that we would very soon be out of business if we put any malware on your phone or did not fulfill our specs given for any mods. Any phone with hardware backed security that is not rooted can be verified using a secondary device (android 7+ stock). It is not technically possible to go around those tests. When it comes to rooted phones, well you will have to trust us. Our reputation is our livelihood.

Can I be completely anonymous?

Nothing is ever 100% but, yes it is possible but it is depending on some factors. Firstly your threat-model. If you are a high value target for a large actor such as an government you will have to take a lot of precautions. Firstly , only use it as a wifi-only device, the cellular network is wide open to state-actors. second keep away from any app that require unnecessary privileges. Third use our Graphene locked-down devices. Use F-droid over Aurora-store (google play access), safer but there are still apps to stay away from. It is up to your use. If you are worried that your phone has been compromised a complete factory reset will remove anything software related.

If you like me just hate big brother states and company’s you can easily keep out of track for them. Just make sure you use the correct apps and control permissions hard. If you install Facebook, Gmail etc, well you can guess the result yourself. If you want all features of a stock model and still be anon, use alternative apps such as frost for social media and never login anywhere with your real credentials (Facebooks friend algorithms aside).

I want to use my regular apps and still have a secure device, what mods should i opt in for?

Personally I use a TL 5 Graphene OS phone for everything , including regular apps with trackers, banking apps that sometimes complain about Google missing from device and more. However all apps I tried still works without Google. The benefits of using TL5 phones are still great both from security, privacy and battery life. A pixel 3 XL last me about two days while under heavy use. However if you want to use Googles own apps , Calyx OS is a better option (TL4) it has MicroG which is the FOSS alternative to Google and gives support to Google apps.

Condition of used phones

All internal functions and battery are tested, the following are the visible conditions:

A+: no scratches on the display and the case/cover. The device is seemingly in an almost mint condition. 

A: only slight scratches on the display and the case/cover. Those scratches are not perceptible to touch and you can only see them at a certain angle.

B: visible scratches on the display and case/cover. Those scratches are also perceptible to touch. The device looks like a “regularly used“ device.

C: clearly visible and deep scratches on the display and case/cover. There might be also dents on the case/cover.

I need an extra sim card

Please let us now before ordering.

I have a locked phone I need help with

We can help with that however we do have ethical standards and content of the phone needs to match your convincing story of why you need to get into it. We can of course also help with Google FRP locks, which is when you factory reset a phone and it require PIN or Google account.