Android mods for everyone!

We offer modifications for all customers regardless of technical knowledge and for most Android models.

To get the latest security updates a custom ROM is needed. That is, an operating system that is further developed after the official updates stop coming to your phone (or in order to get the updates faster, and get more features).

Default for every device besides the new Pixel phones is Lineage as ROM but everything is customizable, if you want something different then there is no problem. Lineage is an open source ROM that focuses on security and stability. It is also the largest player with continuous security updates that can be automatically installed directly from the phone. All phones are of course fully encrypted.

Rooting your phone is a double-edged sword. A layer of security is removed, but it will give the ability to add new layers. Calyx and Graphene are not recommended to root but it is possible, if you want root we recommend Lineage instead. Lineage can be delivered with or without root.

Our top of the line models for security is non-rooted Pixel models running GrapheneOS. If you want a device that’s so hardened that you can protect sensitive information from anyone and not being tracked, this is your pick. Journalist or activist? This will give you peace of mind. Second for a mix of high security and usability is CalyxOS which includes the MicroG framework. CalyxOS is a sister-project of GrapheneOS with no root and locked bootloader. These can also be easily audited with built in system and a secondary android 7+. Just in case you don’t trust us. Please read more about it on GrapheneOS website.

The Pixel phone has some hardware security that is not available on other models and GrapheneOS is the most locked-down system you can get on an Android. That said security is always a trade-off for usability. There will be no Goggle support, not even MicroG, the opensource replacement. What you can do is use F-droid to download apps together with Aurora store to access Google Play (careful what you download!). We also add always on VPN and adblocking private DNS among some other things. Some of our phones have IMEI scrambling, this means they will not connect to any cell network and can only be used as a Wifi-only device. Others have registred IMEI for cellular use. Please read up on GrapheneOS on their site before ordering so you are aware of limitations. It is possible to use these devices as wifi-only devices in order to avoid cellular tracking. There is no need for removing/disabling hardware in these as would be the case for other phones and ROMs in order to be used as wifi-only.

For almost all Android phones something can be done to improve them, but budget models are usually more difficult (not impossible). If your phone is a flagship, that is a top model when it was launched, there is no problem getting a modern version with the latest updates (even if you are all the way back on Android 5). Problems can occur if the phone is operator locked or has bootloader locked down. We can answer questions about it before you send us the phone.

If there is any term you do not understand then just search the web for explanations or check out the FAQ. Of course you can contact us if there is anything you wonder about.

We have phones available to sell but we will also fix your own phone. Unregistered activated prepaid cards and prepaid VPNs can also be included as an add-on (included in TL 4-5).

For all options it includes encryption on the phone. With rooted devices you have a longer password different from the PIN code. If you forget the password, the whole phone must be cleared in order to be used again, remember the password! The phone comes with a simple default password and instructions to change it to a personal one.

Remember that the phone will be completely wiped, so make a backup of what you want to keep before sending it. Depending on the TL, version and phone, the Google Safetynet, dm-verity, may or may not be passed. If this is important for you, for example if you want to be able to use Android pay then let us know.

TL – Tin foil layers

Here are the different layers we offer, choose which one suits you and there is also of course room for customization. Security and usability are something that is mot possible to archive at 100% at the same time, there are trade-off for this. However, there is of-course a middle road for the average user that just wants to give big-data a waive goodbye!

Layer 0 is recommended for those with no technical knowledge

Layer 0 is the option for those who want the latest Android version but just want it to work as usual. Here is Google’s framework and apps installed. In addition to getting the latest security updates and some more features, you will easily recognize it from your previous version. It will just be faster and more secure! Delivered without root and major modifications besides custom recovery.

Layer 1 is recommended for those with basic technical knowledge

As Layer 0 plus prepared with Magisk systemless root. Root functions are disabled but can be activated from the settings of those who wishes to do so. Level 1 also does not require any major tech knowledge of the user but if you choose to activate root then it is your responsibility to manage the security correctly.

Layer 2 is recommended for those with decent technical knowledge

As Layer 1 plus with MicroG instead of Google’s framework and root (systemless Magisk) enabled. This also includes blocking of advertising and malware at the host level, F-droid and Aurora store as app store instead of Play and several security enhancements. Some Google services will not work but alternatives to everything, except Play games are available as open source apps in F-droid. The option to download the regular apps from Play is available through Aurora store, which can be used either with a built-in fake account or with your regular (with some added privacy) to download purchased apps. Nothing that is not open source on the phone at all.

Layer 3 is recommended for those with good knowledge, who would prefer no information to leak at all

Like Level 2 but without Goggle support at all just F-droid and root with Magisk. Of course, you can add MicroG and Aurorastore if you want to access apps in the Play Store and have basic google functionality. MicroG and Aurora store are open source and it is optional how much (or at all) information you want to submit to Google. Prepared for VPN with Wireguard.

A selection of security apps and modules that encrypt DNS, firewall and SMS . Firewall support and three layers granular app permission settings. To remain anonymous, good practice must be used.

Social media and anything you else you might need etc can be accessed without providing information about you and the phone through apps on F-droid if desired. Nothing that is not open source on the phone at all.

Layer 4-5 CIA are listening in on me using the fillings in my teeth!

Now the tin-foil roll is starting to run out.

For Pixel models 3 and newer. GrapheneOS or CalyxOS as described above and of-course with a year of VPN prepaid, TOR, prepaid unregistered SIM. No hardware mods required here. Unregistred IMEI is only available on selected models.

For other models, here we do hardware modifications on the phone and strip away parts. If you remove the GPS module, there is no risk of the position being known by the GPS! Of course, encryption services and VPN software are included as in Level 3 plus TOR services. 1 year VPN service included. Unencrypted services like regular SMS are disabled and encrypted SMS service is used instead. The IMEI number can be spoofed on most rooted devices. Of course, there are apps for calling encrypted over the wifi-network. Also included is a unregistered prepaid card that has never been on the phone but only used in another temporary rig to transfer the number to the phone without connecting SIM card and phone.

Recommended not to use it in your phone but to use it in a burner a couple of times a year to make sure it is not deactivated. Technically your phone number will still work even if the number is deactivated but issues could be that the number is being reused to another customer of the same phone company if the SIM-card gets deactivated. You can of course use the SIM-card in your phone as well if you wish. When you connect over the phone network your SIM and IMEI (fake or not) are connected. Not really a big issue if you use prepaid cards but it depends on your threat-model.

For full end-to-end encryption the receiver of your text or call must also use encryption apps (works on stock without mods).

Contact us and write the full model designation, TL, Android version and if any hardware repairs are needed. We fix everything but it can be delivery time on the parts. Please specify other wishes and additions. We will return with price suggestions and instructions. Payment can be made in Cryptocurrency if requested otherwise we will use the payment feature in the shop. Prepayment applies for all orders. Traceable return-mail inside EU is included in the price.
Technical support by phone, Skype, or email is included. Here it is advice and recommendations that apply, installations and changes you make yourself. We can help by referring to guides online and guiding you.

Delivery-time will vary since everything is custom for your model, we try to finish each phone in a week. Also see terms & conditions before ordering.