We are the place for all security aware individuals who wants to be able to use your devices without risk for data leakage or security risks, will it be Google, your coworker, competition or even state actors. Besides security it’s a good deal for your wallet as well as for the environment to make your tech last longer.

Tired of the consumer culture around tech?

Hardware is not the issue!

You can get the feeling of a brand new device with the proper software.

Wouldn’t it be better both for your economy and for the environment if you could just upgrade to the latest Android version? To not have your PC full of bloatware and Microsoft’s snooping taking resources? And at the same time stop giving away your personal data?

We started with the belief that tech can be altered to be privacy friendly, fast and secure without necessarily investing in brand new tech.

We are located in Asturias , Spain and will take your tech by mail or in person to be modified and repaired to feel like a brand new device!

We fix both hardware and software to give you the best possible bang for your buck!

We also offers support for all your computer-problems over teamviewer or Skype.

We offer web security at enterprise level. We make your site compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA and NIST.

All the best from ModdedPhones.com writing on a 15-year old laptop running the at lightning speed with all the latest bells and whistles!